15 Minute Audio Lessons

You have two options for accessing the recordings:

Option 1:

Listen over the phone by dialing (267) 807-960, then entering the access code 638623# and then the reference number for the recording.

Option 2:

Go to the website listed in the address column for the recording.

Reference NumberAddressTitle
52https://fccdl.in/Qcw2M0XYtA Change is Comming
53https://fccdl.in/y29eBsPdkA Change is Coming Part 2
57https://fccdl.in/JVsyeWpgPA Child Is Born
106https://fccdl.in/JjbH6DLUIA Chilling Experience
189https://fccdl.in/N2XMaRtTjsA Friend of Sinners
114https://fccdl.in/6TS2I8ZDMA Life of Submission Part 1
115https://fccdl.in/uP7skrQ3vA Life of Submission Part 2
181https://fccdl.in/nA1Ns1ZNzaA Marriage Made For Christ
78https://fccdl.in/7mAOq6XS4A Model For Christian Living Part 1
79https://fccdl.in/nLDSGNoMlA Model For Christian Living Part 2
80https://fccdl.in/gskdQ8qLjA Model For Christian Living Part 3
167https://fccdl.in/HSmLpNZn7kA Warming Heart Acts 28:1-2
196https://fccdl.in/k5P8CIxDVIAbuse of Grace
109https://fccdl.in/vaNAM3SecAre You Self-Righteous? Part 1
97https://fccdl.in/SnXMvoa2KAre you Willing? Part 1
98https://fccdl.in/3rjVEelfRAre You Willing? Part 2
13https://fccdl.in/iVN3x0NAr8Book of James Part 1
85https://fccdl.in/QUC5HtrhjCan A Saved Person Fall From Grace?
54https://fccdl.in/F61759X0CChrist’s Glorious Appearance Part 1
55https://fccdl.in/uIkzv9QEbChrist’s Glorious Appearance Part 2
56https://fccdl.in/tZfqEv04wChrist’s Glorious Appearance Part 3
68https://fccdl.in/xpQGgqwRDCompassion and Tradition Part 1
69https://fccdl.in/BC2qPOgHeCompassion and Tradition Part 2
73https://fccdl.in/qoEmRzdsiCompassion and Tradition Part 3
84https://fccdl.in/QxeBsyjawConfidence in Adversity
75https://fccdl.in/MWHElgku2Faith Heard and Seen Part 1
76https://fccdl.in/i5MjDTQ2FFaith Heard and Seen Part 2
198https://fccdl.in/3JCSBb7zccFighting a Winnable War
186https://fccdl.in/lhYOMgm05oGet Out of Dodge Part 1
188https://fccdl.in/W2L0suVZVUGet Out of Dodge Part 2
50https://fccdl.in/B4zMulKFGHalloween and the Occult Part 1
51https://fccdl.in/iz9SFJqx8Halloween and the Occult Part 2
184https://fccdl.in/AzJdBgjB1kJude Contending and Not Pretending Part 1
185https://fccdl.in/m7wIQMuBVUJude Contending and Not Pretending Part 2
61https://fccdl.in/P23Ku6arFJust Do It! Part 1
62https://fccdl.in/5jcQKx32tJust Do It! Part 2
63https://fccdl.in/FXWJ2fmYlJust Do It! Part 3
45https://fccdl.in/FuwVQZj7EKingdom Life Under Christ: Part 1 – The Two Gates
46https://fccdl.in/lpJZsgcWMKingdom Life Under Christ: Part 2 – The Two Streets
47https://fccdl.in/dPwcMH85SKingdom Life Under Christ: Part 3 – The Two Fruit
48https://fccdl.in/kX8Ebmlz9Kingdom Life Under Christ: Part 4
49https://fccdl.in/GhXKPeSYrKingdom Life Under Christ: Part 5 – Golden Rule
44https://fccdl.in/jUeNEIw37Making Right Choices Part 4
162https://fccdl.in/ra29BEHK8ZMeasuring Faith Part 2
161https://fccdl.in/UkGK9NyYQ1Measuring Faith Part 1
88https://fccdl.in/c7eTtNDKYMockery of God’s Promises Part 1
89https://fccdl.in/tdoAQWMPaMockery of God’s Promises Part 2
90https://fccdl.in/kzdrfL9q8Mockery of God’s Promises Part 3
113https://fccdl.in/p0KohDBSXnMy Weaknesses is God’s Strength
163https://fccdl.in/Vqat3RiLTrNo Pat on the Back
102https://fccdl.in/kLfC3T2SqPoor Toward God Part 1
105https://fccdl.in/oejMd0QwzPoor Toward God Part 2
96https://fccdl.in/vwBkz36AmPrayer Request for those impacted by Storm (Harvey)
116https://fccdl.in/SyWPpcqJoResponding with Truth Part 1
117https://fccdl.in/teoRI4yf9Responding with Truth Part 2
119https://fccdl.in/KKnKXVO423Responding with Truth Part 3
120https://fccdl.in/0CXZCtvNSMThe Book of Revelation Part 1 – Vision of the Glorious Christ
121https://fccdl.in/0hZODCEc4VThe Book of Revelation Part 2 – Vision of the Glorious Christ
122https://fccdl.in/wapNYfC8REThe Book of Revelation Part 3 – Vision of the Glorious Christ
123https://fccdl.in/DTx2HraqKRThe Book of Revelation Part 4 – Vision of the Glorious Christ
124https://fccdl.in/8hS2D79oFdRevelation: The 7 Churches Part 1
125https://fccdl.in/zfDMTaqZHJRevelation: The 7 Churches Part 2
127https://fccdl.in/4gDB5otg0xRevelation: The 7 Churches Part 3
128https://fccdl.in/jGJZJDNqZRRevelation: The 7 Churches Part 4
129https://fccdl.in/RcW9zYJ9i1Revelation: The 7 Churches Part 5
130https://fccdl.in/iVtKtOss7yRevelation: The 7 Churches Part 6
132https://fccdl.in/80gPcJGaU3Revelation: The 7 Churches Part 7
133https://fccdl.in/qTrPjcp3vRRevelation: The 7 Churches Part 8
134https://fccdl.in/3m9jHLWFYCRevelation 4: The Throne Room In Heaven Part 1
135https://fccdl.in/3wt9b2gmtjRevelation 4: The Throne Room In Heaven Part 2
136https://fccdl.in/lyUrbvvaBlRevelation 5: The Scroll In Heaven
137https://fccdl.in/7Nk7Jw09uBRevelation 6: The Seal Judgments Part 1 – The white Horse
138https://fccdl.in/ehOojIihPvRevelation 6: The Seal Judgments Part 2 – Daniel Chapter 9
139https://fccdl.in/pvZeKsJoL6Revelation 6: The Seal Judgments Part 3 – Daniel Chapter 9
140https://fccdl.in/nktJtyhkLkRevelation 6: The Seal Judgments Part 4 – The 4 Horsemen
141https://fccdl.in/ND0ALeB5fKRevelation 6: The Seal Judgments Part 5 – The 4 Horsemen
142https://fccdl.in/LXrbvk60O5Revelation 6: The Seal Judgments Part 6 – The Great Earthquake
143https://fccdl.in/OQ4XHAaZaDRevelation 7: The Tribulation Saints
144https://fccdl.in/ms5HeuVfN1Revelation 8: A Calm Before the Storm Part 1
146https://fccdl.in/bmjN2x3hh7Revelation 9: A Calm Before the Storm Part 2
148https://fccdl.in/GMFlyfeKx3Revelation 9: A Calm Before the Storm Part 3
150https://fccdl.in/nG7QQ0x4SqRevelation 10: The Beginning of God’s Final Revelation
151https://fccdl.in/MWbxRtrCmARevelation 10: The Beginning of God’s Final Mystery
152https://fccdl.in/9q0GOo5bXeRevelation 13: Treat and Trick Part 1
154https://fccdl.in/tcJ8P6U7hfRevelation 13: Treat and Trick Part 2
174https://fccdl.in/RllThDGv71Revelation 15: The Preliminaries to the Final Judgements
176https://fccdl.in/piWo4eExtrRevelation 16: 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath
175https://fccdl.in/EwXA1G62x5Revelation 16: The 7 Bowls of God’s Wrath
177https://fccdl.in/hZm3I9xwlwRevelation 17-18: Beauty and the Beast Part 1
178https://fccdl.in/1S8JWTt3nzRevelation 17-18-Beauty and the Beast Part 2
179https://fccdl.in/F0w4jPC4Y5Revelation 17-18-The Fall of the Babylonian Dream
180https://fccdl.in/vk88ioMKAMRevelation 19: An Announcement In Heaven
107https://fccdl.in/79E2NDo1eRighteousness Revealed Part 1
108https://fccdl.in/kAgTCYOZtRighteousness Revealed Part 2
74https://fccdl.in/TkVwtcar3Thanks To God
164https://fccdl.in/dxkH07nRP6The Odd Couple Part 1
165https://fccdl.in/0zMteWmXfjThe Odd Couple Part 2
166https://fccdl.in/j0lo3N1S5OThe Odd Couple Part 3
111https://fccdl.in/KzjVToPQ5The Once for All Birth Part 1
112https://fccdl.in/Dkx2dIXeHThe Once For All Birth Part 2
182https://fccdl.in/7pB5dlgZ6EThe Second Coming of Christ: Part 1 The Great Deliverance
183https://fccdl.in/wFDRwfvQ06The Second Coming of Christ: The Great Deliverance Part 2
170https://fccdl.in/KS1OIOG43bThere is a God in America 2 Kings 3:1-27
81https://fccdl.in/HYM9QUW21Wasted Living Part 1
82https://fccdl.in/RS3cHtG5FWasted Living Part 2
83https://fccdl.in/lC5dkO0IWWasted Living Part 3
59https://fccdl.in/MZ2WDTOhrWhat Do You Believe?
60https://fccdl.in/3ecbVmnQMWhat Do You Believe? Part 2
66https://fccdl.in/IVBP8CKeLWhen Jesus Didn’t Go
156https://fccdl.in/qvphITOOdeWho is This Christ of Christmas Part 1
157https://fccdl.in/QePLfLQmGEWho is This Christ of Christmas Part 2
159https://fccdl.in/iVf5TeJ9gxWho is this Christ of Christmas Part 3
86https://fccdl.in/DQZ2Xjo8gWillful Ignoracnce Part 1
87https://fccdl.in/b6XG1ZgThWillful Ignorance Part 2
91https://fccdl.in/M9SJLaGcwYou Can Run But You Can’t Hide Part 1
92https://fccdl.in/9XUd1SIhFYou Can Run But You Can’t Hide Part 2
93https://fccdl.in/3i9h8MCD2You Can Run But You Can’t Hide Part 3
95https://fccdl.in/miocUuBlIYou Can Run But You Can’t Hide Part 4
155https://fccdl.in/mjOK03NnhwThe Need for True Relationship
197https://fccdl.in/Glp2UFBAEfYour One Desire Psalm 27