How To Study the Bible

How To Study the Bible

This series of videos will help you to become comfortable with studying the Bible. Through the Direct Bible Discovery Method you will develop your interpretive skills and use them to gain a better understanding of the Bible.

Session 1- Introduction to Direct Bible Study Method

Session 2 – Context of the Scripture

Session 3 – Observation

Session 4 – Four Questions About the text

Session 5 – Five Phases of a story: Good Samaritan

Session 6 – Five Phases of a Story: Abraham’s Faith

Session 7 – Context

Session 8 – Putting it All Together

Session 9 – Interpertataion, Observation, Application

Session 10 – Understanding a Proverb

Session 11 – Observation:
Jacobs Dream

Session 12
Purpose of a Proverb

Session 14 – Application: Joas Rebuilds the Temple

Session 15: Bible Translations

Session 16: Five Phases of Story – Luke 22