Holy Spirit: The Divine Lover

As we approach Valentine’s Day, let us think about our relationship with The Holy Spirit. Are we treating The Holy Spirit as an old friend that we assume will just be there for us when needed? Or, are we actively pursuing The Holy Spirit the way we would a person that we yearn to be with?

Are we anxiously waiting to hear from The Holy Spirit and hanging on every word that is spoken? Are we googling and doing our research, because we want to know everything that we can about The Holy Spirit? Do we call every morning just to say hello and because we just want to hear the voice of The Holy Spirit. Are we yearning to be with The Holy Spirit every moment that we can?

James 4:5 states that the Holy Spirit “yearns” for us. The Holy Spirit has a deep desire to be with us, to speak to us, to help us, to love us, to comfort us, to shower us with gifts. The Holy Spirit wants to be in a monogamous, faithful, wonderful relationship. Do we want the Divine Lover to be ours and to be before anyone else? Are we grieving The Holy Spirit or yearning after The Holy Spirit?

The Holy Spirit is yearning to be with you!


Time to Recharge

A cell phone is a powerful device that is used to play games, watch movies, shop, work, and interact with others. However, eventually, the battery will begin to drain. If it is not charged, the phone becomes useless.

Our life and spirit is like a cell phone. We play, work, and interact with others. Daily activities affect our life, and like a cell phone, our spiritual battery will begin to drain.

It is through our spirit that we communicate with God, the source of our strength. In order to stay strong, we have to take time to charge our spiritual battery.

Praying, fasting and studying God’s Word are ways that we can charge our spirit. Take 15 minutes to allow God’s Word to charge your spirit.